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Explore a World of Possibilities with Adelpo

Adelpo is your Comprehensive Solution for Diverse Procurement and AP Requirements. Our extensive range of product options allows us to customize our system to precisely fit your unique needs.
Supplier & Performance Tracking

Offering robust performance metrics that enable a detailed evaluation of vendor efficiency, delivery timelines, and quality benchmarks.

Compliance and Risk Management

Advanced features that systematically monitor and mitigate potential risks, promoting a secure and compliant procurement environment.

Cost Savings and Transparency Power

The platform offers real-time visibility into each stage of the procurement process, ensuring businesses have a clear understanding of expenditures.

Adelpo Purchasing

Experience an unparalleled, procure-to-pay tool suite. Our platform’s adaptability guarantees seamless compatibility with a multitude of tools and technologies, creating a unified and effortlessly streamlined experience. Order supplies, capture expenses, track budgets, and automate your accounts payable using Punchout and EDI technologies. Do business your way with rule-based approval routing. All the capabilities your business needs, all in one place.

Adelpo Capture (OCR)

Email or upload your supplier invoices and let Adelpo Capture do the data entry for you. Use the power of automation to save time and effort by eliminating hand-keying, manual calculation, and GL-coding. Our rule-based approvals allow you to customize your workflows to the way you do business. Once approved, invoices seamlessly integrate with your accounts payable software.

Long Term Care

At Adelpo, we understand the unique challenges and intricacies of the long-term care industry. Let us show you our senior care software solutions including…

  • Referrals & electronic admissions (with built-in electronic signatures)
  • Eligibility checks (Medicare/Medicaid/Insurance/etc)
  • Central supply order management (kiosk ordering)
  • Ancillary item tracking
  • Purchasing with PPD budget calculations


Discover Adelpo’s exceptional integration capabilities, setting it apart with a rich array of seamless connections to diverse systems. Our platform’s adaptability guarantees harmonious compatibility with a spectrum of tools and technologies, delivering a cohesive and efficient experience. This expansive integration prowess empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their current systems while leveraging the cutting-edge features Adelpo offers.

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Introducing the revolutionary Adelpo Procurement Purchasing Platform! Imagine having an extraordinary tool that completely reshapes your procurement practices, giving you complete authority over your business expenditures. With our platform, you're empowered with unparalleled control, ensuring that you can effectively manage and optimize your purchasing processes. Experience the freedom to steer your business expenses in the right direction and unlock a new level of financial management prowess.

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