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Adelpo Capture

Adelpo understands the importance of capturing all your expenses in the most time-efficient way, with the most accuracy. Let us show you how much time and effort Adelpo Capture can save you.

Email or Upload PDF Invoices

Easily import invoices by either emailing them directly into the software or uploading PDF files.

OCR-Powered Processing

PDF invoices are processed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, enabling automated data extraction.

Custom Invoice Templates

Create invoice templates for each vendor’s specific invoice format, ensuring accurate data extraction.

Automated Data Extraction

Once the template is set up, the software automatically pulls invoice data from the PDF, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Paper Invoice Handling

Scan multiple paper invoices into a single PDF and use the software to split them into individual invoices for processing.

Unlimited Approval Rules

Define custom approval rules and routing to match your organization’s specific workflows and requirements.

Online Comments and Approvals

Collaborate and provide approvals online, facilitating efficient communication and ensuring audit trail transparency.

Seamless Integration with Accounts Payable Systems

Export or upload invoice data directly into your accounts payable system, streamlining the payment process.

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Introducing the revolutionary Adelpo Procurement Purchasing Platform! Imagine having an extraordinary tool that completely reshapes your procurement practices, giving you complete authority over your business expenditures. With our platform, you're empowered with unparalleled control, ensuring that you can effectively manage and optimize your purchasing processes. Experience the freedom to steer your business expenses in the right direction and unlock a new level of financial management prowess.

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